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1210 E 70th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99518

(907) 222-9988


Whether you’re a devoted cannabis enthusiast with particular tastes or just taking the first steps of discovery, the quality of cannabis flower makes a difference. All weed is not equal. Every stage of growth and cultivation influences the enjoyment of the experience. If you’re shopping for flower in Anchorage, AK, take confidence in your purchase by choosing Cold City Cannabis. You won’t find anything quite like our products anywhere else.

High-Quality Recreational Cannabis Flower

Cold City Cannabis introduces a whole new technology, progressive processes, and even distinctive packaging to recreational cannabis. One glance at our selection of flower lets you know you’re in the presence of an amazing bud. The vibrant green color and bright orange hair-like pistils are complemented by an abundance of milky trichomes, pungent aroma, and that ideal texture that falls right in between dry and sticky.

For cannabis flower in Anchorage, stop by Cold City Cannabis!

Our flower produces a smooth, clean, and even burn. Light up, inhale and appreciate incredible flavor profiles and cannabinoids. Explore a collection that includes thirteen strains unique to our shelves. Enjoy an old-school consumption method with the benefits of modern standards of pollination, potency, and integrity. Cold City Cannabis is located right near the airport and includes free parking, ATM on-site, online ordering, and in-store pickup.

Customer Reviews

New spot but worth your time and money first time I went in I felt welcomed and the variety of flavors was unmatched with other dispensaries her in AK! this my favorite one to come out so far!

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Incredibly friendly experience. They have beautiful flower and will have more dabs to come for great prices also! they send you off with a bag to make you happy when you open it and have great packing for the flower.

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Seen this shop on here last week, checked it out today. I was not disappointed, Amber was genuinely happy to help. The buds came in a quality glass container and came with a carry bag. Buds just at the right moisture. A very good first visit and will follow this shop for awhile. Check it out.

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Very professional establishment if you guys haven’t been here I highly suggest that y’all check this one out and I have been to several dispensaries out here.

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