Hours: 9:00AM – 12:00AM, 7 Days A Week

1210 E 70th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99518

(907) 222-9988


100 points – BOGO gram any Flower available on the shelf.

200 Points – 10% off your order.

300 Points – ($1) 1 gram Pre Roll.

420 Points – ($1) 1 gram of any Flower available on shelf or 1 gram of any Concentrate available on the shelf.

550 Points – Tundra Farm/ Cold City Merch: 1 free hat, shirt or sweatshirt (Only 1 item allowed).

650 Points – Smokers Care Package: ($1) 3.5 grams of any Flower available on the shelf, 1 pack papers and any 1 rolling tray available on the shelf.

750 Points – ($1) 1 gram Cart of any strain available on the shelf.

1000 Points – 50% off order (under $250.00).

1500 Points – ($1) Choose any two 100mg Edible packs that are available on the shelf.

2000 Points – ($1) Half ounce of any Flower available on the shelf.

2500 Points – ($1) Mix and Match 5 grams of any concentrates available on the shelf.

3000 Points – ($1) Ounce of any Flower available on the shelf.

4000 Points – ($1) Ounce of any Flower available on the shelf and pick a bong or glass piece that’s available (under $150.00)

Customer Reviews

Seen this shop on here last week, checked it out today. I was not disappointed, Amber was genuinely happy to help. The buds came in a quality glass container and came with a carry bag. Buds just at the right moisture. A very good first visit and will follow this shop for awhile. Check it out.

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Very professional establishment if you guys haven’t been here I highly suggest that y’all check this one out and I have been to several dispensaries out here.

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New spot but worth your time and money first time I went in I felt welcomed and the variety of flavors was unmatched with other dispensaries her in AK! this my favorite one to come out so far!

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Incredibly friendly experience. They have beautiful flower and will have more dabs to come for great prices also! they send you off with a bag to make you happy when you open it and have great packing for the flower.

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