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1210 E 70th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99518

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Researchers are just beginning to understand the incredible curative opportunities of CBD. The second most abundant cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to encourage homeostasis. Whether to fight chronic pain and inflammation, combat headaches and nausea, or any of a long list of medicinal benefits, CBD vapes from Cold City Cannabis are ideal for focusing on your health and wellness.

CBD Vape Provider

For long-time cannabis devotees as well as novices, vaping offers a modern alternative to traditional smoking. You get the same quick onset of effects and yet avoid the odor, ash, and carcinogens. CBD vapes from Cold City Cannabis are non-psychoactive, couldn’t be any easier to use, and provide portability, discretion, and outstanding terpene profiles.

CBD Dispensary in Anchorage

Find far better quality cannabis at the same prices as our competitors when you shop Cold City Cannabis. As a recreational dispensary serving Anchorage, AK, 21+ adults are welcome to browse a collection of cannabis produced through state-of-the-art grown technologies and cultivation processes. From free parking and on-site ATM to online shopping and in-store pickup, always expect more from us, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

Incredibly friendly experience. They have beautiful flower and will have more dabs to come for great prices also! they send you off with a bag to make you happy when you open it and have great packing for the flower.

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Seen this shop on here last week, checked it out today. I was not disappointed, Amber was genuinely happy to help. The buds came in a quality glass container and came with a carry bag. Buds just at the right moisture. A very good first visit and will follow this shop for awhile. Check it out.

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New spot but worth your time and money first time I went in I felt welcomed and the variety of flavors was unmatched with other dispensaries her in AK! this my favorite one to come out so far!

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Very professional establishment if you guys haven’t been here I highly suggest that y’all check this one out and I have been to several dispensaries out here.

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